What about AlfaGravity

Abundance and a Hero. These words stand for health and expanded consciousness. It’s an aware, awoken and expanded state of being.

How to become aware? How to develop this state? How to maintain this state?
And most importantly, how to ascertain that you have health?

Strength and flexibility are responsible for the youthfulness of your body.
The correct posture tell others that you are healthy.

How to raise your consciousness or your awareness?
How to develop your body? By creating the conditions for your development and growth.
By setting new goals.

What does Alfagravity accomplish? What do you accomplish in Alfagravity?

Let’s begin to answer these questions, although, there are no specific answers.

Why are there no specific answers? — Because everyone will get a different individual answer through their own Alfagravity practice.

And the answers you’ll get will never be final as long as you keep growing and developing.

We can only show you the key aspects and the benefits you will receive as a result of Alfagravity practice.


Flexibility – the ability to bend easily, to carry out movements with a large amplitude. In actuality, it is having freedom in control over one’s body.

By practicing Alfagravity the ligaments get stretched naturally, increasing the motion range of the joints. It alleviates one’s muscular and mental tension.

In just a few minutes one can literally feel the shift in the physical and mental state of being.

Regular practice maintains these changes.

Strength and endurance.

Basically your ability to perform.

Conditioning and training of the muscle tissue is a pretty boring activity.
Repetitive workouts with the standard weight machines, barbells, dumbbells, aerobic exercises are all very monotonous and sometimes even traumatizing and stressful for the body.

Thanks to the statically dynamic load and work with one’s own body weight, Alfagravity offers a qualitatively different way of working out the musculature.

Most important is that it’s very interesting and motivating to see the results and changes right away.

Consciousness. Meditation. Concentration.

Consciousness – biological function of the human brain, that allows an individual to obtain some idea of the world around including oneself.

These processes begin in the mother’s womb. When we hear sounds, feel the beating of the heart and grow, “observing” the boundaries of our surroundings.

In Alfagravity an individual returns to this primordial state of being, exploring the world around once again. The person instantly becomes calm, and overcomes with the feelings of joy, as a result, developing a powerful net of new neural connections.

New challenges of managing oneself in 3D space call for such a development.


A Proper posture is considered when all the body parts of an individual are positioned symmetrically in relation to the axes of the spine. The shoulders are upright and back, bodily movements are synchronized and smooth.

Two main causes of bad posture in a healthy person are a lack of or poor physical conditioning and pathological positions of the body. Violation of proper posture creates difficulties in the musculoskeletal system and internal organs.

Alfagravity strengthens the muscle tone and corrects the unbalances in the posture.

The short-term benefits of AlfaGravity practice

  • Lean, beautiful body
  • Proper posture and a healthy spine
  • Trains all the muscle groups
  • Activates the musculoskeletal capabilities
  • Increases the motion range of joints
  • Strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular systems
  • Improves capillary blood supply
  • Relieves the mind and body tension, pain, irritation, energetic blocks, fears, and negative patterns
  • Teaches to relax and to meditate
  • Purifies the mind and expands the awareness
  • Uplifts and improves the mood and the state of being
  • Promotes a sense of spiritual invigoration and a clear state of mind due to the accumulation and redistribution of the internal energy
  • Clarity of the mind helps to concentrate and reach goals